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Optimal Functioning: How can we help people perform to the best of their abilities?

This boils down to effective goal achievement, and an overarching research perspective of my lab concerns the interface of motivation with cognition and behaviour. The components of interest to me are: (1) Motivation (as defined through Self-Determination theory); (2) Individual differences in future- oriented thinking (e.g. strategic optimism vs defensive pessimism); (3) Behavioural and Cognitive…

By JuanParki 20 November 2018 1

Giving Health Purpose

Historically, the discipline of psychology has been devoted to the practice of healing. Aligned with a disease model of human functioning in which ‘mental health’ is described purely as the absence of illness, traditional psychological study has prioritised the alleviation of mental disorder. However, this approach fails to consider the importance and value of pre-emptively…

By Rhi Willmot 2 May 2017 0

When Happy Met Healthy

Adjacent possibility theory describes how small alterations can achieve great impact. It is argued that by mapping the current dispositional state of a population, and identifying patterns of behaviour that are adjacent but more desirable to the current, individuals can be directed to a more achievable alternative. This gradual approach to change is thought to be…

By Rhi Willmot 16 June 2016 0