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Framing Messages to Promote Compliance

What is it? Information can be conveyed in multiple ways. In particular, the language and framing of content can be the difference between a message which successfully changes the way a person thinks, acts and feels, or one that falls flat. Messages which restrict a person’s sense of control can even drive them in the opposite…

By Rhi Willmot 6 April 2020 1

(Keep Your) Psychological Distance

What is it? The perception of distance between ourselves and the mental representation of an object, event or action influences how we behave and think1. This can refer to spatial distance (is it geographically near or far?), temporal distance (is it now or in the future?), hypothetical distance (is it likely or unlikely to happen?) and…

By JuanParki 3 April 2020 0

Wellbeing for Frontline Staff

Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice Dr Rebecca Crane, Director CMRP In a time of crisis, frontline workers need ongoing support to help maintain wellbeing and health. Psychotherapy, counselling and mindfulness training may be of benefit after the crisis when many will need space to process the sadness, trauma and grief that they have been…

By JuanParki 26 March 2020 0