Cognitive bias cheat sheet

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There is an increasing number of supposed ‘cognitive biases’ described in pop science. They do not readily fit into peer-reviewed theories of cognition and behaviour. However, this article provides a comprehensive review of cognitive biases and offers a useful taxonomy and classification to help structure their nature and influence. 

There’s Been a Revolution in Board Games. Board Games? Yes, Board Games.

In the lobby of a Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls, New York, one Wednesday afternoon this spring, Rob Daviau carefully organized a pile of tiny wooden

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At one end we have highly constrained board games which return to their initial state each time (Monopoly, Risk…). At the other end we have unconstrained role-playing games which evolve and change over time (AD&D, Runequest…). There are some interesting developments in the space in between these – board games that evolve! Exciting times…